"Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour."
 -Walt Whitman

Margaret / co-founder

Born in Toronto. Grew up in Hong Kong. Worked in TO, HK and SH. A generalist; from research and marketing to BD and general management; with media experience from on-stage to corporate. Worked at Puig (Prada, Valentino, Nina Ricci Parfums), where she and Perico met. Always curious and say "Why not?"  

“At 6PM, we work together on everything because that's what makes the process fun! To work better and complement each other, I focus more on finance, production and operations. ^^”

“I love different scents especially the soothing and calming ones that make me feel like I'm in the middle of the forest."


Born in Fujiang. Grew up in Hong Kong. Worked in Xian, St. Louis, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur before relocating to Shanghai. Tennis lover. Arts enthusiast. Seasoned backpacker. 12-year experience in beauty and luxury fragrance industry. 

 “I prefer wearing apron to suit-and-tie. At 6PM, I take care of all the visual elements and product development . It is my dream to see our products in every cozy place, including yours!”
“I love 50 shades of green: emerald green, moss green, fern green, forest green, hunter green, army green and etc